Animal related issues and how they affect man



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Animal related issues and how they affect man
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Animals are living creatures that coexist with plants to form living things. As human beings we are inclined to take care of the environment due to the development of our brain. Human beings have thus separated themselves from other animals making us responsible for the wellbeing of the environment as a whole. For a long time, the intelligence of the human has being overrated ruling gout the intelligence of their counterparts. The need to discover about the livelihoods of other animals has led to the creation of channels such as the discovery channel and animal planet. The channels have exposed factors about animals that were previously not taken into consideration. The study of different sorts of animals has exposed human beings to the livelihoods of animals and the different issues that they face. Animals have learned how to coexist with human beings in the same environment. This has further triggered the need to recognize the characteristics of the animals making communication between the two essential. There are several animals that serve a significant role in the lives of an individual. The animal that I think have made the greatest impact in the life of man is the dog. Dogs are the animals that are the closes to man. This is due to their ability to communicate with human beings in different situation. Dogs are the most domesticated animals in the society. This further places them in a different class form the other animals due to their relationship with man. This relationship is the cause of both positive and negative treatment of dogs at the hands of human beings. The observation of animal issues is thus essential so as to create awareness of the issues that animals face on a daily basis.

The focus of this paper is to provide an analysis of animal related issues that we face in the society today. Animals have coexisted with man from the time of Noah’s arch to present day. This has led to the formation of special relationships between man and the rest of the animals. The paper will look into the dog which is considered the closest to man. A high percentage of the country’s population has resulted to the adaptation of a pet. Dogs make up for the highest number of animals that are domesticated.  Despite this, they face one of the highest rates of unmentionable mistreatment due to the change in the society as a whole. The paper will provide issues that the dog faces at the hands of human beings. This will be done by the provision of primary and secondary data which have written on this matter. The paper will finally offer a conclusion on the way forward in the raised issues.

The dog has been labeled as man’s best friend. For someone to be labeled as a best friend, they need to poses some qualities. These qualities are essential in that they provide a bond between two parties. Dogs have been said to be the most loyal animals due to their dedication to their family and owners. Dogs are a great source of companionship due to their ability to gauge the thoughts of a human being. These factors have led to majority of the countries families taking on the responsibility of having a family pet. There are many reasons for having a dog as a member of the family. Some people adopt dogs for companionship as states earlier. Other family gets dogs for the protection of the family and its property. Dogs have also been domesticated so as to teach the children the art of responsibility. This phenomenon has become part of the American culture making it priority for some families to have a pet. The fact that dogs have the highest chance of being domesticated by families serves as both advantage and a disadvantage to their wellbeing. The domestication of dogs has thus led to the creation of different issues that have spiraled into major factors of concern.

About the dog

The earliest form of dogs is traced to the existence of the grey wolf which unlike the dog is not domesticated. The gray wolf is a member of the canidae family which is under the carnivorous family. The wolf is a wild version of the domesticated dog due to its association and breeding with animal in the wild. The animals possess a high form of intelligence due to its lifestyle in the wild. Wolves have a strong sense of smell owing to its exposure to dangerous animals such as the lion, tiger and rhino. About four million years ago, the grey wolf was exposing to man as a result of interaction in the different parts of the world. Human beings are said to have taken the initiative of domesticating the grey wolf. One of the first sighs of domestication was seen in the Alaska, Canada and Asia. The wolves followed human beings into their compounds making them form a relationship. Human beings took advantage of the wolf’s strong sense of smell making it a significant companion during the hunting season. The wolf as a result became exposed to the domesticated way of life. Human beings used the domestication process to learn more about the wolf making the bond between the two stronger than ever. The wolf lost its wildlife characteristics making it develop into the earliest form of dogs. There are over 1000 breeds of dogs in present day. This is due to the differentiation that came as a result of the different duties allocated to the dogs. The domestication of dogs set them apart from the rest of the animals in that they became accustomed to the human lifestyle. This new way of life has changes the dynamics in the lives of both man and dog. Some of the repercussions of this new arrangement have brought about both positive and negative results. Dogs are now experiencing the aftermath of their switch form the wild to domesticated life. This switch has created new types of issues that the dog is dealing with in present day.

Dog related issues

Like any animal, when a dog does not have a family, it is exposed to several disadvantages that become a concern for the society. If a dog is left to fend for itself, it acquires a status of being a stray dog. Dogs that fall under this category have proved to be a menace to the society due to the risks they cause to the society. Over the years, the rate of attacks of human beings and other animals has been on the rise. This one of the results of having dogs that is unattended. One of the factors that make undomesticated dogs dangerous is the fact that dogs do not have a habitat that they can claim for their own. Unlike wild animals, dogs do not have a separate environment that they can use to live on their own. This is due to their characteristic of being domesticated animals. The fact that dogs do not have a special reserve forced them to live under the jurisdiction of the human being. This means that for them to get an ideal lifestyle, they need to be adopted by human beings so that their kind can be sustainable. According to the law, if a dog is not claimed or adopted in a specified period, it runs the risk of being put to rest. This alone indicates that the society has not provided alternative measures of looking into their needs. For this to be avoided, a number of campaigns have been put in place to give such dogs a home. This situation has resulted in ensuring that many families adapt dogs so as to give them a better habitat.

Over the years, the country has become fascinated with the idea of owning a pet. The media plays a significant role in portraying the place of dogs in American household. This is seen in the number of movies that are dedicated to the dog. Dogs have play leading roles in the cinema making the role of the animal more elaborate to human beings. One of the movies that defined the role of the dog is Lassie. The movie Lassie, inspired by Eric Nights lassies come home is based on the female dog. Lassie uses her heroic character to help a troubled boy get through some of the hardships of his life. The movie is portrays the intuition of the dog and its role in being a faithful companion for man. Most of the movies based on dogs have the same plots in that they dog are given the same character.

One of the things to not about lassie is that although her character is female, all the actors in this case are male. The use of dogs in movies is one of the indications of how far the industry has come in terms of film making. Training dogs to act a certain way takes twice as much time due to the difference in communication. The fact that dog owners invest in their dogs careers shows the significance of the animals in society. This however raises some eyebrows due to the argument that treating dogs as human beings denies them the chance to live their God given right. Animals are often given characters that are reflective of human beings. These characters range from talking dogs or working educated dogs. Making an animal have character traits of human beings is mostly sued in animated movies. This is done to bring out the comedy in that dogs are not known to have these traits in real life. The society is known to copy what they seen in the movies. Most of the families have adopted dogs making them members of the family. The incorporation of a dog into a human life is exiting in that the life of the dog is merged with that of man. Despite this, there needs to thebe a boundary that is set between the two. This is however not the case in present day due to the influence by Hollywood and high society. Many celebrities in present day are known to give their dog’s manicures, facials, costumed made cloths. Some go as far as including the pets in their will so as to maintain the animal’s lifestyle in the event of the master’s death. On the surface this does not look like a serious issue. If people are to analyze the situation further, one will notice that this type of treatment reduced a dog to a doll or an accessory. The fact one of the requirements of steeping out in style requires a fashionable dog in a dog basket is a violation to their natural lifestyle.

All dogs need to be raised as dogs in that they require an amount of time that they can chase cats and get dirty. This also involves being exposed to other animals so that they can maintain their natural place in the society. Research shows that raising animals like human beings deprives them of their birth right of being an animal. Such animals do not experience the joy of living in the wild thus making them miss a part of their life. This is becoming a rising issue due to the fact that human beings are using dogs to satisfy their own needs.

Exploitation of dogs (Michael Vick)

Like other animals, dogs face a number of brutalities as a result of human selfishness. Most of these cases are motivated by the search of financial benefit. One of the cases that a display this notion is this type of brutality is the dog fighting by dog owners. Animal fighting is not new to the society. Owners who participate in this sport use it as a source of income and for entertainment. As stated earlier, dog fighting can be traced to the ancient civilizations where it is a thriving sport. During the invasion of Britain by the Romans, they brought their dogs along so as to challenge the ones of the British. During the challenge, the British dogs took centre stage by over powering that of the Romans restoring the victory they lost as a result of the losing the war to the Romans. Both groups were so fascinated with the occurrence that a market was created for this sport. Dog owners could invest in this new trade by importing dogs from Britain so as to train them to fight in the arena. At this time, the dogs were predominantly used for amusement and war for the soldiers of both sides. It was not long before this phenomenon was transferred to the Roman colosseum. This new form of entertainment is compared to the gladiator fights which saw the death of a gladiator at the end of the fight.  The fights were so intriguing to the Romans that the dome could get full before the dogs were brought into the rings. As some dogs proved to be stronger as some others people begun to bet on their favorite dog making it become a profitable pass time. After some time, the sport was exported to other countries to Europe making it one of the most globalised sports at the time. This saw the increase of demand for the pit bull whose strength could be measured to that of the horses and elephants. The sport made its way into the high society in that it was considered the sport for the nobility at the time. This went on until a time when the society had begun to recognize acts of animal cruelty. Animal activists lobbied against the baiting of dogs making the British parliament outlaw the sport in 1835.

After the sport was outlawed in Britain, the sport made its way to the United States during after the end of the civil war. The cost of rearing dogs for baiting was increasing by the minute making the owners crossbreed the dogs so as to get the ultimate fighter known as the pit-bull terrier. As the dog betting continued to grow, the number of animal rights activist began to rise creating a new form of animal awareness. The continued awareness of animal brutality led to underground dog fighting.

One of the recent cases that contributed in creating awareness of this brutality was the case of foot ball star Michael Vick. In 2007, Michael Vicks house war raided by the authorities for suspicion of hosting dog fighting contents in his house. The house was host to more than 70 pit bull terriers some of which had been brutally injured as a result of the fighting. Most of the activities that took place in the house were dog baiting, gambling and drug abuse. Vick was accused of conducting a federal offences making him one of the examples of modern anima brutality. This case created a awareness of animal brutality at the hands of humans. One of the factors to note in this situation is that Vick was one of the most successful athletes at the time. The fact that he was involved in this type of sport showed his lack of regard for the welfare of the animals. Despite the tremendous strides that have been taken to deal with this issue, dog fighting continues to flourish in various parts of the world.

Do breeding involves matting differ varieties of dogs so as to get a healthier, attractive and marketable dog. The practice of dog breeding is recorded from the ancient civilizations. Dogs are bred by their owners so as to produce a more viable offspring. Over the years, society has begun to question the ethics involved in the breeding of dogs. This may sound like an exaggerated issue due to the principles involved in the breeding process. Research shows that dog breeders defy the rules in breeding to satisfy the need of the dog market. Human beings form their perception of the type of dog they would like to won. This leads to the destruction of natural selection that is defined by dogs breeding amongst themselves. As stated earlier, dogs are domesticated for companionship, protection and hunting. These are all activities that are compliment the lifestyle of the society we live. The demand for a particular type of dog creates the pressure to produce dogs that are marketable to society. This leads to phasing out some breeds in the quest to produce the desired selection. Human selection of dog breeds disrupts the natural section process. Human beings always find themselves playing God due to their responsibility over the rest of the animals. Breeding of dogs leads choosing genes that are suitable for the dog’s coexistence with man. This activity thus encourages the extinction of the less desirable dogs. Animals are supposed to breed amongst themselves so as to sustain their kind. This is however not the case in present day due to the interference of man. Human rights activist and organization such as PETA have lobbied against the interference of animal affaires by human beings. This has reduced the inhumane treatment of dogs during the breeding process. Despite this, more effort needs to be made to restore the natural order.

Like any other animal, dogs are prone to fall sick on a regular basis. When dogs fall seek they display some symptoms that aid in the recognition of a problem. Due to the fact that they are domesticated animals, they require some sort of healthcare plan to sustain their health. It is difficult to observe the health of dogs in this economic crisis due to the increased costs of medication. The healthcare situation in the country is not ideal due the fact that over 60% of the population does not have an adequate plan. This places dogs in a worse situation in that they majority of the animals do not have a healthcare plan in the event that they fall sick. Dogs are exposed to all sorts of ailments due to their lifestyle. The lack of proper care is one of the causes of the increased immortality rate of the animal. Animal rights activities have created awareness of this situation stating that dogs require as much attention as human beings. Despite the improved conditions of the dogs over the years, more and more dogs continue to lose their lives as a result of lack of treatment. It is difficult to cater for the needs of an animal when human beings cannot sustain their own race. The economic situation in the country is stabilizing due to the change of the policies that were not ideal in the past. These changes will however not be felt in the near future. This means that the health of a majority of the animals is still at risk. Most of the families that cannot provide treatment of their animals are forced to put their dogs to sleep. This is usually the last resort as a result of the inability to take care of the animals.

Animal issues are factors that continue to receive increased awareness due to the concern of the welfare of the animals. Human beings are responsible for the environment as a whole due to their authority over the rest of the living things. This responsibility is not easy in that it involves looking into the needs of the other animals. It is natural for human beings to place their needs on top of other animals. This notion has however been created grounds for mistreatment of animals. The observation of animal issues is essential for the sustainability of all animals present in society.


The dog plays a significant role in the life of a human being. The main reason for this is the domestication of the animal over a 100years ago. The domestication of the dog has exposed the advantages and disadvantages of the domestication of animals. Animal issues are problems that animals face on a day to day basis. Like all animals, the dog is not secluded from experiencing issues. Majority of these issues are as a result of the inhuman treatment of the animal by human beings. Human beings are responsible for the welfare of all the animals in the face of the earth. This responsibility has not been put into effect due to the need of mans selfishness. Some of the issues that dogs face are brutality, lack of proper healthcare, eliminating of their breeds and most importantly the loss of their original lifestyle. Human beings are beginning to recognize the intensity if the situation at hand. One of the organizations responsible for the creation of animal awareness is PETA. The activities of animal rights organization has reduced the number of issues that are reported. Despite this, there is still a long way to go before the rights of animals are completely eradicated.






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